Nurture in Nature

Nurture in Nature is overseen by the Red Willow Learning Society, a registered non-profit in Pemberton, BC.   As a team, we are in the process of transforming a 40-acre piece of property into a holistic and resilient ecosystem that produces food as well as provides for community education, growth, and health. 

            The mission of the Red Willow Society is to offer instructional workshops and other educational opportunities in the Squamish Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) with a focus on sustainable living and community well-being, and we are extremely excited about the prospects available on this land. 

The mission of Nurture in Nature is to connect our community to our food, the environment, and each other.

All of us believe that nature creates abundantly more energy than it consumes, and our vision is to model this land after these natural systems. 


We are working to harness the creative and regenerative power of the Earth, connecting to her and learning from her as we remember to clean up our own waste products, make clean air, water, food, and habitat, and nourish all beings, all around.  


Our Team




Red Willow Learning Society Board member Amber Muranko, a local orchard owner who believes education should be outdoors, relevant, and accessible to all.

            Leigh Finck has been utilizing permaculture practices to provide produce for restaurants and farmers markets in the Pemberton Valley for 20 years.  Leigh has offered his expertise as a permaculture consultant and is enthusiastic about passing on his knowledge.

           Rachelle Sereda, who runs Whistler and Pemberton Outdoor Learning programs.

And last but not least, you will often find here the mischievous duo Pan and Calypso who will distract you and divert your attention for eons to come with purrs and silly antics, our 12 chickens (Romeo and Juliet, Henny and Penny, Flower Pot and Sunny, and Ruby 1-6),  Ninja the tire-biting watchdog who makes us all feel safe and loved, our 15 gardeners, and all of our families. 

Our Team

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Kim Rainthorpe

Life outside of kids and as a single mum has been on hold while having 3 boys, 6, 10 and 12.

Community has been such an important part of my and their lives by having great friends around for support, adventures and eating together. It’s been a dream to be able to share where I live and so Nurture in Nature evolved in a slow organic way, so much so, I didn’t even realise it was happening.


A property like this needs lots of helping hands and permaculture, eco sustainable living has always been of interest to me, yet the idea of a solo journey into this was daunting, so this was the year of change. 


I have loved the wilds of Africa growing up, seen the lifestyles of various European countries but I now call Pemberton home and in sharing this land, it can only be a good thing for sustainable living, local produce and strengthening community bonds. I care deeply for the environment and would like to show future generations how and why we need to take care of this planet. By simply growing our own food, living eco friendly self sufficient lives, a small change can surely help towards a bigger change for the good.

Kristina Schrage

Kristina has been working in the outdoor and environmental education field for 10 years.  She is passionate about helping people reconnect to their roots through using nature as a backdrop to explore holistic wellness, a better relationship with the food that nourishes our bodies, and outdoor adventure that benefits body and soul. 


Kristina is currently finishing a masters degree in environmental education and communication at Royal Roads University, has been gardening at Nurture in Nature for two summers, and loved the opportunity to be the Nurture in Nature community Garden Coordinator this year.  

Rainbow Medicine Woman

Rainbow is a bridge to facilitate transformation and is here to guide and share wisdom teachings.


As she continues on her own journey to seek truth, She has been guiding clients and students to greater clarity and fulfillment on their path and purpose, empowering many to live their Divine truth for many decades.


Debra Lee Hillary (Rainbow Medicine Women) is a 6th Generation Shaman with Celtic, Norse and Native ancestors. Her heritage enables her to draw on her roots and connect with the land, it’s people, the spirits and the animals that speak to me.

She is honoured to live in the unceded Territory of the Lil'wat and Squamish nations.

Find Rainbow at Rainbow Medicine Collective

Barb Hinde

Barb became a herbalist in 1992, studying at Dominion Herbal College and Langara College.  She grew certified organic herbs from 2000 until 2012, attending farmers markets during that time selling healing salves, dried herbs and herbal vinegars. Between 2012 and 2019, Barb took a break from working with the dirt and taught general growing and herbal classes, however, in 2020 she decided to return to getting her hands dirty and subsequently built a herbal medicinal garden at Nurture in Nature.


Barb has a history of working with naturopaths and midwives, supplying dried herbs and helping with formulations, and teaching the general public about the ability of plants to help heal.

Barb believes medicines come from the groupnd, and i order to use them, we have to remember how to identify plants and their edible and/or medicinal qualities, understand their intricate growing patterns, and preserve them to maintain their medicinal properties.  

Find Barb at Pemberton Herbs and Apothecary

Lindy Scott

Lindy has been a dancer all her life, and has practiced yoga for over a decade. Yoga mats and dance floors are among her favourite places to move and breathe.


Since choosing to walk the path of a Yogi, her passion for the practice has grown dramatically. She lives, breathes, and moves in the beautiful Pemberton Valley, where she locally completed her 200hr YTT. She has a loving husband, two joy-filled, active boys, a fluffy dog, and a plethora of plants. Teaching yoga, grounding and holding space for spiritual connection is just the right balance for her busy life.

Practicing the Art of Yoga, the postures, meditation, and breathwork, allows for total connection of mind, body, and spirit. It is an experience that is uniquely yours, and is fluid. Some days, on your mat, your experience may be simply about breathing and stretching. Other days, you may have profound moments, physical breakthroughs, or self-realizations that seem to have come out of nowhere. Lindy provides the space for her students to connect their breath and movements to the rhythm of the universe. No promises of achieving enlightenment in class, but that said, if it happens, she'll celebrate it with you.

Lindy's personal practice involves living life from a place of love and of molecular and energetic connection. We are all One.

Brant Schrage

Brant grew up near Chicago, Il. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree and teaching cert in Phys. ed. This lead to outdoor education and guiding in multiple locations from the desert in Utah to the Salmon filled rivers of south east Alaska. The wild coast of cedars and spruce brought him to Pemberton to continue to teach students about the outdoors, team work and self sufficiency.

Brant runs an outdoor inquiry-based, place-based, and leadership oriented progression for Pemberton Home Learners.


Our Permaculture Community Farm

This space is unlike most community gardens; it is a communal space, where the members come together to design the 10,000 square feet available as a holon instead of divided into parts.  Using the entire space together allows us to design healthy and diverse habitats that mimic natural landscapes. By harnessing the regenerative power of nature, we provide habitat for wildlife, nourishment for our souls, and food for our families.  

As a group, we believe in food security,  community resilience, and sustainable, healthy living.  

We plan to eat out of the garden weekly, donate produce to the food bank, save seeds to become even more self-sufficient next year, and share our learnings as we go.


Holistic Education

We offer virtual and in-person access to this site to build deeper connections between our food systems, our communities, and the environment that supports us.  We offer classes, workshops, internships, and immersions, about nutrition, permaculture, shamanism, herbal remedies, sustainability and anything else that resonates with the new paradigm of living well with the Natural World; physically, spiritually, emotionally, and communally

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