About Us

Nurture in Nature is a program run through the Red Willow Learning Society, a registered non-profit in Pemberton, BC.   As a team, we are in the process of transforming a 40-acre piece of property into a holistic and resilient ecosystem that produces food as well as provides for community education, growth, and health. 

            The mission of the Red Willow Society is to offer instructional workshops and other educational opportunities in the Squamish Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) with a focus on sustainable living and community well-being, and we are extremely excited about the prospects available on this land. 

The mission of Nurture in Nature is to connect our community to our food, the environment, and each other.

All of us believe that nature creates abundantly more energy than it consumes, and our vision

is to model this land after these natural systems.  We are working to harness the creative and regenerative power of the Earth, connecting to her and learning from her as we also remember how to clean up our own waste products, make clean air, water, and habitat, AND nourish all beings, all around.  

Our Team

On our team, we have Red Willow Society Board member Amber Muranko, a local orchard owner, who believes education should be outdoors, relevant, and accessible to all.

            Leigh Finck has been utilizing permaculture practices to provide produce for restaurants and farmers markets in the Pemberton Valley for 20 years.  Leigh has offered his expertise as a permaculture consultant and is enthusiastic about passing on his knowledge.

            Local shaman and spiritual healer Rainbow has expressed her desire to watch over the land and the people on it, offering workshops, guidance, and knowledge of local edibles and medicinal herbs.  Rainbow has already prepared a sweatlodge on the back of the property for this summer’s use.

            Kristina Bland, the site coordinator, has been working in environmental education for the last 10 years, including 4 years as a program coordinator for overnight outdoor education courses, and lived on educational, organic farms for 3 summers.  Kristina is currently getting her masters degree in environmental education at Royal Roads University, and is interested in deepening connections within this community.

Kim Rainthorpe, land-keeper and instigator of this entire project sees this land for its inherent value to the communities of all beings around.  Though she owns the property, she does not feel it belongs only to her and is growing this team to share it as it and we all deserve.

Last but not least, you will often find here the mischievous duo Pan and Calypso who will distract you and divert your attention for eons to come with purrs and silly antics, our 6 chickens (Romeo and Juliet, Henny and Penny, Flower Pot and Sunny),  Ninja the tire-biting watchdog who makes us all feel safe and loved, our 15 gardeners, and all of our families. 


Our Permaculture Community Garden

This garden is unlike most community gardens; it is a communal space, where the members come together to design the 10,000 square feet available as a holon instead of divided into parts.  Using the entire space together allows us to design healthy and diverse habitats that mimic natural landscapes. By harnessing the regenerative power of nature, we provide habitat for wildlife, nourishment for our souls, and cultivate food for our families.  
As a group, we believe in food security,  community resilience, and sustainable, healthy living.  
We plan to eat out of the garden weekly, donate produce to the food bank, save seeds to become even more self-sufficient next year, and share our learnings as we go.


Our New Earth School

We offer virtual and in-person access to this site to build deeper connections between our food systems, our communities, and the environment that supports us.  We offer classes, workshops, internships, and immersions, about nutrition, permaculture, shamanism, herbal remedies, sustainability and anything else that resonates with the new paradigm of living well with the Natural World; physically, spiritually, emotionally, and communally



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