Succession Planting Sale

We have officially sold out of all of our plant starts for the season. 

HOWEVER, we have the space and ability to help you with your succession plantings for the rest of the summer!  You will want a second round of greens, carrots, beets; and planting a second round of broccoli, cauliflower, brussell sprouts, cabbage, flowers, or even specific herbs will allow you to harvest these plants until much later in the fall!  Even if you don't have the space now, as you start pulling plants out you can replace them for a more consistent summer yield.  I don't think West Coast Seeds would mind me sharing their guide to succession planting for extending your harvest!

With these ideas in mind,

we will seed a tray of 48 cells for you for $35/tray and give them to you when they are a month old.  Please use multiples of 4 for each variety that you order; a tray consists of 12 4-packs of plants, so you can order up to 12 varieties!  



Please note, germination rate is usually 80-90 %, so you are not guaranteed 48 plants, we will not do any transplanting.  But it will be close!

A tray with your name on it takes the same amount of space and time no matter how many plants are in it; we will not discount partial trays.

Commmunity Garden members and referrals, don't forget your coupon codes!

Here's a quick look at our succession planting.. carrots and beets coming up around our lettuce heads (we just pulled a  massive lettuce head from the blank spot in the middle of the picture!)!

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