Shamanism and Healing Arts


To cultivate deeper connections, you must first know and understand yourself.  Only once you understand the lense through with you see the world, can you try to see with another, and therefore bridge the gap between yourself and all the other beings who see with different lenses.

Nurture in Nature hosts

Rainbow Medicine Woman to run sweats, ceremonies, and courses in this sacred space.  Rainbow, a 6th generation shaman with Celtic and Native ancestors, watches over this land, and dedicates herself to helping you remember who you are and what you do best. 

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Study Shamanism

Learn the teachings; Find the shaman within


A Free Gift For You

This guided meditation is a spiritual journey, waking you up to the new earth vibration medicine.  Use it to get out of your head, escape chaos, and come back to your heart.


Find Your Path

Find your inner strength through ceremony, song, drumming, and reconnection with your truest self