Products for Sale

All Uncertified Organic, Made on Site,
And Available at the 'Farmacy'
(which is inside Nurture in Nature during the winter!)

Medicinal Salve

Plantain, Comfrey, and Yarrow salve that is amazing for itches, bites, scrapes, and wounds



Loose Leaf Tea

Planted, cared for, harvested and dried here, it doesn't get any fresher, more medicinal, or more sustainable than this.  



Herbs De Provence

An herb blend perfect for chicken, potatoes, fish or eggs




Hoey changes flavors depending on which flowers are out when the honey is harvested


Nasturtium Vinegar

Nasturtium flowers distilled in vinegar makes a peppery vinaigrette for dressings



Preserved Fruits and Vegetables

Jams, Syrups, Kimchi, Hot Sauce, Pickled Vegetables, and whatever we can make from the produce we get!


Plant Starts 

Every Spring, we host a plant sale of plant starts to help other gardeners get a great start to the season!

We have the goal to save enough seeds this year that 50% of the plants that we sell next year will be plants adapted to this climate and place; making a stand for self-sufficiency, resiliency, freedom, and the best quality plants around!

If at any point in the season you are looking for more starts, we will be periodically seeding succession planting crops in our greenhouse for sale and for our garden, click the below link for more information on succession planting to extend your harvest and even plant crops this fall for a spring harvest!


We have a heritage flock of 11 laying hens.  So if you get lucky, you can find a dozen eggs in the fridge!


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