Why Pigs?

This year, we want to purchase and house pigs! Why Pigs?!

1. Nutrient Cycling

Pigs eat our compost, something we deem a waste, and turn it into something useful; fertilizer for the garden!

Every time we take a vegetable or snack from a garden plot, we take with it all of the awesome nutrition we have harvested it for. But, that of course leaves that garden patch with a deficiency. Every harvest feeds us, but leaves the garden a little less rich itself. We are left with two choices: purchase fertilizer, or make it! Here, with no cost for transportation, no chemicals added, and by way of reducing our waste. And that is the first reason we want pigs- to compost waste and return it to the soil where it can be used again.

2. Education

While our pigs are busy helping us, they also get to be the center of attention, and they like that! Pigs are extremely social animals, which is why we want 4. They need company, just like we do. As we watch them, we will get to learn about this specific animal that many of us have only seen on our plates before. According to David Suzuki, the number one thing we can do to slow climate change is eat less meat- and we believe that by learning to love the animals we eat, we can also learn to respect the food that they provide for us.

3. Soil Preparation

Pigs and farmers build an awesome relationship- we each love what the other doesn't. Pigs love compost- my waste. Pigs also love to till the soil- which is my least favourite job! Tractors are the most efficient way to till the soil. However, they are expensive, they consume fuel, they leak chemicals on garden beds, and their weight compacts the soil so it can't hold as much air, water, or as many nutrients over time. Pigs are the perfect solution- a tilling machine that adds organic fertilizer instead of decreasing soil's capacity to grow over time.

For this matter, we will put our pigs over the next patch of land we want to cultivate next year, and over time, our pigs will prepare the garden plots for our community.

4. Meat

I know- the number one thing we can do to stop climate change is eat less meat, so why am I trying to sell you a whole pig!?

Because the meat we DO eat should be well-loved, well cared for, a part of a healthy, regenerative cycle, and have a minimal environmental impact due to transport and storage of its' meat.

It should also be fresh, healthy, and delicious.

These pigs will be all of these things... and we still have two up for sale! Feed our soil, feed your family. That's community farming!

For more information on how to host a pig at Nurture in Nature, visit

Support local food systems; if you don't have the space to grow your own food, let's work together to do it right. Because it Takes a Village!

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