The Farmacy's Last Stand

Summer is still fresh in the fridge!

Looking at these jars brings me great memories and delight- it was so much fun picking, chopping, mixing, and experimenting with friends this summer. Here are some of the fruits of our efforts.

All ingredients in these photos are non-certified organic from here in this valley, picked by hand and preserved on site. That's Farm to Table; community grown agriculture.

We only have two jars of Wildflower honey left! $12/jar- first come first served at the Farmacy!

The Cooking honey was rendered from the wax at the end of the processing. You can see it is a little light on color, and may have a bee leg in it or two, but at $10/jar it will make great oxymels or mead!

Nasturtium Vinegar is white vinegar infused with nasturtium flowers- it is a lightly peppery yet sweet vinegar that makes a fantastic base for salad dressings.

Then we have dried herbs, teas made on site, and medicinal salves. This one shown is perfect for itches, bites, scrapes and wounds; a natural anti-bacterial, anti-itch and anti-inflammatory topical salve.

The stand will be open until Thanksgiving, and if you are lucky you may even get a dozen eggs!

7865 Pemberton Meadows Road

cash and e-transfer accepted

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