Spring Transitions

Looking back just one month, we moved these little plants to our greenhouse, heated with a wood stove to keep them warm until we could spread them around Pemberton. In the end, we passed close to 1000 seedlings on to over 50 gardens in Pemberton or close by. It's really satisfying knowing how many people are watching their gardens grow with our plants in them! And the plants that weren't bought have begun to find a home here on this property. Take a look at the transition of our Sun Garden from sheet mulch, to tidy beds with new soil, to bursting green already!

Another transition I love to pay attention to is the chickens.

Now we have Sunny, Flowerpot, Romeo and Juliet, and Henny and Penny. I can't tell Henny and Penny apart yet, and I am not sure with is Romeo. But they are still young and changing quickly!

New creatures are finding homes in our hugelkulture beds, can you see the burrow in the hill behind Pan? This particular creature has already taken out an entire chives transplant, but Pan seems really intent on making sure he/she stays in the hole or becomes a toy. I like biodiversity, and I also like watching the circle of life happen in our garden. I wonder how this one will end up!

Wherever you are in your gardening so far this season, good luck, and pay attention to the little things; they will change before you know it! Here's a picture of where Pan is sitting, less than a month ago..

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