Reflection on 2021

Our goal coming into the summer of 2021 was: To harness the capacity of this community to work together and grow this garden, so we can provide fresh food and contribute to community resiliency, connection, and holistic education for our neighbors and beyond.

And so I wonder, how did we do?

Fresh Food

  • 12 community farmers and their partners and families harvested from the garden once per week

  • As of Oct 1, 123 kg’s of produce documented as harvested for these families over 18 weeks. Unfortunately, only 3 out of the 12 community gardeners habitually filled out the documentation, so this number much smaller than the real harvest! Harvests have gotten up to 5 kg’s of food per week per family, and average about 3 kg’s for the Fair Share harvest share

  • 1 Fair Share harvest share was organized every Tuesday. This is a half-price CSA box for local, single-parent families. We asked $20 in exchange for a box like the one you see above!.

  • 4 pigs raised for community members; 1000 lbs of fresh meat!

  • 10 dozen eggs per week provided through our farm stand

  • 1000 bedding plants sold to the community to grow in their own spaces

  • $850 worth of produce or product made on the farm sold in the Farmacy

  • New chicken coop built to accommodate 30 new chickens (and 20 older ones)

  • 10 ducklings added to flock

Community Resiliency

  • As of Oct 1, 55 kg’s of food were donated to the Pemberton food bank.

  • 25 tomato plants and 6 varieties of seeds were donated to the local elementary school to promote growing food at school

  • 25 packets of seeds donated to Stewardship Pemberton Society’s Seed Library

  • 25m of Radicchio were grown for research on seed quality for BC Seeds and Farm Folk City Folk

Community Connection

  • 53 youth on-site for farm-based educational programs over 8 weeks

  • 43 individuals/families (other than community farming families) came to the farm and attended workshops or events

  • Countless visitors to the Farmacy who wandered through and witnessed the gardens before continuing on their way

  • A partnership was built with Pemberton Municipality to run youth programs on-site

  • A partnership with Whistler Adaptive incited the creation of a program called Farm Fit for their clientele

  • Rainbow Medicine Collective hosted 3 Farm to Table events on-site to feed attendees at their events

Gallery of Summer Fun

Season Finishers

Please bring friends or family and join in on some community gardening! Everyone is welcome! 3:30 to dark, after school or work come for an hour or stick around and have a drink at the campfire after!

If you can't make it to that, we still have healing salve, face cream, teas, dried herbs, frozen vegetables, preserves, salsa, chicken and duck eggs, and HONEY in the Farmacy- 7865 Pemberton Meadows Rd. Stop in any time.

Thanks to all who participated, contributed, attended, donated, and witnessed the farm grow, feed, nourish, educate, and create. I personally can't wait to see how much we can do again next year!

Here are some testimonials from parents of our Farm Camp attendees

Great opportunity for kids to learn about the hard work that goes into growing food and teaching them to be aware and grateful for the amazing abundance of goods our area has to offer!”

“The kids loved it… but also they learned a lot and brought that home”

“It’s the only children’s program my kid likes going to! She loved it.”

“I loved how much my children learned about farming and nature.”

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