Nurture in Nature Seeds Up For Grabs!

We have an assortment of our best Organic Pemberton seeds packaged and ready for you in our barn!

Saving seeds always goes the same. They need to be gathered right at the same time as the pumpkins and squash and when the tomatoes need to be canned.. They are often neglected and forgotten at that busy time of year. However, we have learned and realized that saving seeds is an extremely important part of building a resilient system, and have made them a priority that we would like to share with our neighbors.

We have chives








african marigold

single and multi head sunflower

bell peppers



sugar pumpkin

kidney beans


7865 Pemberton Meadows Road, google maps takes you a bit far so slow down early, turn left at the red barn, then right towards the school bus. The seeds are in the big cedar barn, in the third entranceway. I'ts muddy here, and you'll have to go around the tent platform we are building in the middle of the driveway! Take what you want, and leave what you can so we can continue to build and share. $1 per packet suggested donation please.

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