Become a Community Farmer!

At Nurture in Nature, we believe everyone should have access to fresh local food, and we know there’s enough space here in Pemberton to make this a reality.

So, we have a 60’ by 100’ plot for community members to create a food forest as a group. Working as a team allows this community garden to be so much more than a personal plot of veggies.. we have planted a plum tree, insect attracting species, flowers, a rock garden for lizards; and while it is a thriving habitat, it produces so much food!!

So if you crave space to grow your own food, yet lack the time or knowledge to manage a garden every day, become a community farmer! Become a solution to some of the biggest problems facing our society today- shorten your food chain, eat real food, build your community and your resiliency. And have fun doing it! find more information about scheduling and expectations at

We have already had one community work day, and will have another on Sunday the 25th to kick off the season. If you aren’t sure, we would love to see you come for the day, talk to us, and see how you feel after a day with your hands in the soil. Register for sunday at

Be prepared to work in some drizzle!!

Heres a video we made last year about how we


and so can you!!!

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