Accepting Permaculture Community Garden Membership Applications!

Imagine. a 20 meter by 30 meter permaculture garden; fruit trees shadowing leafy greens, kale basking in the sun, sunflowers protecting a hotbed of cucumbers and tomatoes, a trellis heavy with beans and peas, and shade over a picnic bench where you get to have a garden snack.

Imagine; a community of individuals and families coming together to create an ecologically sound environment, where just like in nature, insects buzz happily, birds flit freely, and decomposers work around the clock to do our composting, fertilizing, and regenerating for us. And then, the delicious harvests that can come from a place like this, the joy of self sufficiency, as well as the serenity of a true relationship with the natural world.

We have the space, and we need members to make this dream a reality! We know with COVD19 all plans are changing, but we still believe that by May or June we will be able to be OUTSIDE in very small groups working the land to grow our own food and learning about how permaculture garden designs differ from our ideas of what agriculture needs to look like, and how we can work together to work less and create more.

Due to difficulties with communication and all things just being slow right now, we are extending the application period to April 10, sign up for a garden shift, make this dream a reality, and eat the food we grow!

For more information, and to download your application, visit

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