A Very Green Spring

We had planned to run an outdoor education program at Nurture in Nature this summer, and were just about to launch this website when news of COVD19 and probable isolation came out. Needless to say, bringing children and groups together this summer is not going to be an option for the foreseeable future.

However; we still do think that a community garden, in which small groups of up to three people work on separate parts of a garden, outdoors, may be an option in a month or two, and we are sure that raising bedding plants to sell here in town will increase food security, resiliency, and connection to nature in our town. With high hopes for the summer, we at Nurture in Nature have been hard at work seeding and building so we will have a beautiful site to share when the time comes! Here is what we have been up to...

So far, celery, onions, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and our first sets of greens went into trays March 10. They are all coming up beautifully; We even have an almost perfect germination rate of the seeds we saved in the fall! Here are our greens that will be ready for munching next week.

Herbs, flowers, brassicas and squash went into trays March 20. I can't believe how quickly squash sprout! That gives these little guys a 6 week head start to summer in our grow room before moving outside onto our property, or yours!

It's not permaculture without some animals, so we are getting chickens on April 3. The ladies, and the gentleman, will be living in this super-coop for their first few months until we train Ninja the dog to take care of them, not eat them, and prepare an outdoor area for when we don't want to monitor and free-range them.

And here is our new outdoor veggie-processing area and outdoor counter space! Potlucks and mass washing and drying, we are ready. Even in the rain.

So, while many of us are currently in isolation, the snow is melting and the spring buds are unfolding. Nature is moving on to spring, showing her regenerative and loving power, and we have the opportunity to work with her. The Earth is telling us we can no longer depend on supply chains of underpaid labor, toxic emissions, and inequity- and asking how are you going to change this? Grow with us or grow your own, we are here to help.

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