Here on Turtle Island, we have owned property and treated the land as a commodity to be exploited for maybe 400 years. That's not a lot of generations; but we think we know the only way to live, and it includes this system of consumption and entitlement that is killing the planet we live on.

As the buds begin to unfurl this spring, we are offered a choice with this pandemic. One that though not easy has a very beautiful silver lining. This is the opportunity we have been waiting for, we have the time to make some changes to the way we live and consume, right now. We have some free time to think, reflect, and move forward with more intention. How much trash does your household create? How could you reduce that amount? How much food do you buy from Mexico, or any other destination more than 100 km away? How can you support local farmers instead of fuel consumption and cheap labor? How can you store water this summer for your garden? How much fuel do you use a month in your car, how can you decrease that amount? Where can you grow a little bit of food for yourself, and even where can you go to find a piece of nature that rejuvenates your soul? How can we as a community make these changes part of the way we function?

And most importantly, how can we support each other in maintaining these changes when the world does start speeding up around us again.

Remember, though it may not be the mantra you have lived with, remember this from 400 years ago, on this land, we used to believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow if from our children. And we must leave it well for them, so that 7 generations from now they will have as much abundance as we have.

And we can start today. Start some seedlings, limit how far you purchase from (that includes businesses!), don't use single-use plastics (come on municipality, sometimes you need to help), and if we do this together, we can make this little town a model for sustainability. Our age old excuse- we don't have the time, just won't cut it anymore.

Also, join a community garden, and get your kids outside of course....

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