New Earth School

At Nurture in Nature, we offer opportunities to increase physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through connection to each other, our food systems, and the environment that supports us

Food Preparation

Nature's Gifts

increasing resiliency and sustainability through deepening connection to place

Nature gives gifts every day, week, month, season and year; fresh water, air, plants, and Earth itself are all parts of natural and regenerative cycles of life that we often forget to notice, appreciate and utilize.

However, these gifts are available, free of charge, with no transportation costs or pollution, and they are fresh, right outside our doors if we are just willing to look or know what to look for.  

Nurture in Nature is hosting the space every Tuesday to enjoy what Nature has to offer at this place and in this time.  Join in a single class when the topic interests you, or join for the monthly membership to incorporate patterns of observation, mindfulness, appreciation, and resourcefulness into your routines as we travel toward a more sustainable, connected, and healthy future together.  

Coming Soon!

More Coming Soon!

We have lots of ideas for offering virtual and on-site learning and sharing.  Feel free to email us ideas of what you would like us to facilitate, or subscribe to keep in the loop!