Hosting Events At NiN

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Candle Making. Herbal Medicine Making.  Dream Interpretation.  Yoga.  Pilates.  Jiu Jitsiu.  Capoeira.  Dance.  Meditation.  Preserving Harvests.  Seed Saving. Shamanic Journeys.  Vision Boarding .  Knitting. Crocheting.  Leadership Skills.  Wilderness Awareness.  Survival Skills.

If you have something you love to do...  We would like to host the space for you to share it!  As long as your offering has to do with health, wellness, and using the land in a responsible, regenerative manner, get in touch to find a space and time and we can help organize events on site.  


Space Access;

Our renovated barn, which we call the school house, the permaculture garden, and the Wild Side, with room to run, play, listen to the sounds of the wilderness, relax under cottonwoods, and observe creatures in the pond.  If you want to help cultivate a new area, let us know what that would look like!

Because it Takes a Village


Host/Instructor Agreement

  • Organize an event to promote, health and wellness, resiliency, and a permanent culture that will thrive for generations to come

  • Follow COVID19 safety regulations and procedures according to current regulations

  • Follow instructions to clean workshop/instructional space post-use

  • Act according to the mission, vision, and values of Nurture in Nature while on site

  • Follow agreements for conflict resolution

Host/Instructor Benefits

  • Joining a like-minded community of individuals working towards a more sustainable and heathy Pemberton!

  • A safe place to host your business, offer your teachings, and learn as well

  • Options for lease of land

  • Community Insurance package

  • Possibility to establish a system of barter and trade with other instructors/farmers

  • Booking reserves access to full site; indoor space for washrooms and to store equipment, as well as  outdoor space for your event or workshop

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Host/Instructor Fees

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Once upon a time, we didn't think we owned the land. 

We thought we belonged to it.