Harvest Shares

Become a community farmer, and volunteer two hours per week to attend a regular shift and you get to harvest your own share of produce! 


Or, sign up to eat local!

Available in May

Request Form will be available March 1- March 20

Pig (Pork) Shares

You buy the pig, we will care for it, and you eat it!  Get to know the circle of life, and find comfort in knowing the animals you eat were well loved.

Purchasing a pig feeds the soil and the family!


There will also be an additional ~$300 butcher and cut fee later in the year once the pigs are fully grown.  So for a total of $1300, you will get a pig!  Pigs have an average hang weight of 240 lbs.  Valued at $5.5/lb that is $1320 worth of meat.  That’s a lot of meat. It's also a lot of money- but, eating well is priceless.


We will offer full, half, or quarter shares.

--Limited Availability!  We will house 4-6 pigs.  They will till our soil, provide us with manure, entertainment, and eventually, nutrition.  


Fair Share Harvest Shares for Pemby Families

This year, we are planning to provide harvest shares for up to 4 selected single-parent families in Pemberton.  These shares will be cultivated by our community to support children eating healthy at home, and will be offered at a reduced rate compared to other CSA boxes.  This is an extension of the permaculture principle of fair share- we are growing food for everyone.


For 15 weeks between June – Sept


15 weeks of shares for $300 ($20/box)


Egg Shares

3 dozen chicken eggs/month for $21. 


Eggs will be available for pick up on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month.  We will spot clean the eggs; however, when you wash eggs, you wash away the protective coating and they lose their nutrition and freshness quicker.  Be warned, these eggs might be dirtier than you are used to on the outside! 


Please keep your cartons and return them at your next pick up.  Egg shares will be invoiced monthly. 


Eggs will also be sold at the Farmacy for $8/dozen.

--Limited availability.  


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