Donate Today!

There's a lot going on in the world today; but we can't forget that the solutions to the big problems are going to be small and targeted.  We are already feeding 15 people on an acre and teaching regenerative agriculture, improving soil, enhancing the biodiversity and ecology of our home, reconnecting with the land, our food systems, and our communities.  What could we do with more infrastructure and cultivated space?

  We could grow Community Grown Agriculture boxes for single-parent families in Pemberton 

We could double our donations to the food bank

We could open more space for more families to grow their own food

We could add more animals, like pigs and cows and goats, into our systems to improve our resilience and food security

We could build a stronger community, concentrated on equity, connection, and abundance

Help us build our community farm.  And joins us in this regenerative way of life.