Become a

Community Farmer

Because It Takes a Village

Sign up for a weekly, two hour garden shift. Pay an income-based tiered membership fee. Receive a harvest share, and become part of a systemic re-evaluation of what health and wellness means.  Farm in the community, for the community, and with the community.

We recognize we have the opportunity to choose how to spend our time and money.  And we choose to support local, biodiverse, cradle to cradle systems that will support a thriving future 7 generations to come. We’re not just trying to live sustainably; we want to live abundably- yes that is a new word.  And we need like-minded individuals who don’t mind sweating a little bit to learn to live better, together, in abundance.

To achieve our goals, we are cultivating a permaculture garden and food forest, spreading the benefits of sustenance, joy, inspiration, resiliency, and connection; and we welcome anyone interested to join the party;

Become a community Farmer! 


Community Farmer Events

because onnected communities are healthy communities