Nature's Gifts

Often, we work so hard to get what we think we want that we don't recognize what is right in front of us; available with minimal effort on our parts; attainable in a completely sustainable manner; edible; fresh; nutritious.  There are so many gifts right in front of us, and we are here to help you learn to recognize them.

Here at Nurture in Nature, we are working to spend more time connecting to what is already here and building from there.  We offer for you to learn alongside us as we cultivate abilities to recognize, appreciate, and utilize the gifts from Mother Nature that we have here at our site in Pemberton, BC.  We hope that through exploring our location, virtually and in person, you can develop a deeply rooted connection with yours; together, we can increase food security, autonomy, sustainability, community connectedness, health, happiness, and need I go on.

Virtual workshops will be every Tuesday at 6:30 pm; join once for a topic that interests you, or get a membership to develop a pattern in your life of noticing what the days, months, and seasons bring to you.  We will do activities that you can do with children to get them outside, make medicines, foods, and just plain learn to observe what is around us.  With a membership, you can join a portal to share stories, recipes, ideas, successes and failures to inspire and build a stronger community around our relationships with our food, each other, and our homes.

Foggy Forest
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Local Connection


Nature's Gifts is all about recognizing what Nature gives us for free; Join us to find out what 'things' are available outside RIGHT NOW!


Garden Greens


It's that point of summer that we have greens in our gardens, and can't figure out how to eat them all!  We can help give you some new ideas

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Medicinal Salves


Nature has created miracle plants, and many of them we call weeds.  This week, we will learn how to turn weeds into healing salves for bug bites, sores, wounds, and general health!

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Membership Package

One workshop will help you notice and use what is around you.  Consistent observation and interaction, however, will allow you to incorporate these learnings into your life and place.  Connection takes time!  Give yourself the opportunity to attend workshops consistently, notice the changes in the environment, yourself, and each other as we progress through space and time together.  Make the commitment, and join us!  You are free to cancel at any time.  A $15/month membership package gives you access to organized on-site activities as well as an access code to book any workshop at 50% off the regular cost!

  • Outdoor yoga, and kids can play with the farm animals!

  • book through community center