Re-Wilding Your Soul

This is a truly unique experience to join us at Nurture to Nature to unwind, relax into nature, and connect with All that is living and thriving. Learn with us as we walk you through this sacred space and share valuable tools to nourish both your body and soul.
Remember how Wild you really are...

We invite you to join us in a virtual retreat on our beautiful, 40-acre property in the Pemberton Meadows of British Columbia.  It has been the vision for landowner and steward of this land Kim Rainthorpe to host a cooperative group of like-minded individuals on this property, so they have the space to work together to form a permaculture environment and develop sustainable lifestyle shifts.

The farm already houses a schoolhouse, chicken coop, 10,000 square feet of community gardening space, a greenhouse, the family home, and a sweat lodge built last year by Rainbow, our resident Shaman.

Retreat: June 20/21/22, 9am-12 noon

We are excited to share this one of a kind 3 Day Retreat with you- maybe this space will spark some new inspiration and growth in your life- it sure has made a difference in ours.  

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