Nurture In Nature

Cultivating Deeper Connections Between Our Food Systems, the Environment, and Each Other

Nurture in Nature is a Communal Permaculture Farm and center for Holistic Wellness.  

We offer a collaborative space to practice permaculture, herbal medicine, sustainability, yoga,

spiritual wellness and holistic health. 

We are diving deeper into community well-being as a means to achieving wellness within the carrying capacity of the environment which supports us all


Located in the beautiful town of Pemberton, British Columbia, Nurture In Nature is a collaborative community space for practising a sustainable, healthy, new way of life.  On the property, we host:

A communal permaculture garden, concentrated on the wellness of human communities AND the environment in which we live. 

An herbal teaching garden, cultivated by Barb Hinde, our amazing certified herbalist, retired organic farmer, and self-proclaimed plant geek.

AND other conscious contributors from our community and beyond who wish to share their insights into how to inspire deeper connections between our community, our food systems, and the environment.

We are calling all conscious contributors; if this resonates, let's collaborate!

A production garden, in which we grow herbs and other produce to sell dried in bulk or canned/preserved



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7865 Pemberton Meadows Rd, Pemberton BC V0N2L2

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